July 11, 2020


The audioARTE formation is composed of us two. We have been making loudspeakers since 1997, mainly our own design, while at times we construct customers’ conceptions with handicraft precision diligence. This enables us to try out quite a number of constructions, design principles not seen in commercial circulation (such as the horn, or TQWT type loudspeakers), whereby on occasion we are in position to achieve a form and design different from the conventional.

From design and fabrication of the boxes, we both participate in the entire process, painting and special varnishing we have done in a painting workshop. In our workshop we work with professional tools, while quality construction is guaranteed by workmanship, casting our vote for aesthetics and design in such a way that it doesn’t contrast our efforts to achieve the best possible sound quality.

Of course, a team is needed. Development and the exploring of new ways doesn’t go on its own. Our main partner in this is László Szentgyörgyi, founder of VibaVoice Audio, with whom we have been maintaining an old and (I can proudly say) close friendship. A number of mutual ideas, precise realisation of his designs, his constant striving for perfection provides the basis, which we build on. Our work is furthermore assisted by those friends and colleagues, who are (willingly and wholeheartedly) testing the new constructions and showing the way with sharp criticism, if life so requires. Of them, Örs Bődi and Zsolt Huber deserve a special mention.